A metaphor too far? New site from VW needs a sat-nav.

VW have a reputation for creating thought-provoking sites which push new boundaries in site interaction – but have they gone to far with this new site for the new Polo?

The site is packed full of videos and interactive features which bring the new Polo to life (literally) … the whole site is one giant canvas which you navigate by driving the beautifully rendered matchbox sized Polo around.  Its fun, but disorienting as you speed across images, videos and features finding new content as you go.

They obviously realised some users might struggle so have incorporated a quick nav which links to all the major sections, unfortunately as you click-through the car zooms around on auto-pilot which quickly becomes irritating.

I want to love it, it looks great, the idea is fun but is it really effective and selling cars ?

Have a look and decide for yourself …

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