Anglo American’s regional sites still push the global story

The Anglo American South Africa site has just been launched. This is the first of many regional sites that we are building for Anglo American – and features the new branding, look and feel that we have created for Anglo American’s corporate site (which has also just gone live). In many ways it’s a double celebration because Anglo American now as their primary domain for their corporate site.

The corporate site features our Narrative Map, an engaging and stimulating form of visualisation that illustrates Anglo American’s global and operational reach while simultaneously demonstrating their commitment to sustainable development. The Narrative Map is an innovation of which we are particularly proud.

The map can also be accessed from the South Africa site. This is a good example of reusing content from the corporate site – with all the cost and time savings that this entails. More than this, the map’s ‘deep linking’ facility (every map view generates its own unique URL) means that content related to South Africa can be embedded directly into the web page. In practice, this means that visitors to the South Africa site are taken straight to the map view of South Africa rather than having to drill down from the global view.

However, all the global content is still available to the South African visitor meaning that they can easily zoom out to see the wider picture of Anglo American’s worldwide activities, reinforcing the company’s global position from within the regional site.

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  1. vishwasshrikhande says:

    Thanks for sharing, the interactive map feature is really great, keep on the good work there marcus

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