Glocalisation Part 1: Bend or snap

Most multinationals claim to ‘think globally and act locally’ but few communicate this so-called ‘glocalisation’ effectively online. Over the course of three posts I’ll discuss three key elements that I believe are critical to effective global-local online communication. Here’s the first:

Bend or snap – implementing sustainability at the local level

In the shadow of ecological and economic crises, future strategy is evolving from imperialist capitalism to more sustainable, socially and environmentally supportive models. Prudent multinationals are adapting at a local level to meet disparate regional sustainability needs. To communicate this sensitive, reactionary approach online, companies need to address local issues at the group level to reassure investors and the wider audience.

These case studies serve to illustrate the point:

Aviva: From programme updates to regional spotlights – clear and credible regional reporting

The latest online sustainability report from Aviva, the world’s 5th largest insurance company, has a ‘Regional Spotlight’ area where impacts and achievements are ring-fenced by country and introduced by statements from regional CSR managers. On leaving this area I am clear on the impacts, responses and achievements particular each region in 2009, and what’s more, can see who’s responsible and what their strategy is for managing their region in the context of the Group model. Job done. The main site complements this regional insight by offering ‘Programme updates’: an archive of press releases relating to regional activities.

Eni: Zooming in and zooming out – insight and overview through multimedia and interactivity

The global utilities company, Eni have a ‘Relations on the Territory’ area within their ‘Sustainability’ section of the site.  Here, video and image gallery – enhanced regional detail and interactive map and overview content bring Eni’s involvement and contribution to life whilst anchoring achievements and initiatives to their respective regions. Regional sustainability case studies can also be accessed from, a database combining all case studies. By making this database, titled ‘Eni in the world’ highly visible on the site’s Company-information section, Eni emphasise the connection and integration of Sustainability operations and brand.

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