Old Technology, Old Job Title…

What’s in a name?

At Investis, our Website Managers are passionate about our clients and dedicated to providing them with great service. Working alongside our Service Team, they manage our clients’ websites throughout the corporate year, from results days to AGMs to acquisitions and everything in between.

Sadly our Website Managers are no more.

Before clients who are reading this get too worried, let me clarify. We’re seeing an enormous change in how people consume information. Gone are the days when digital interaction simply consisted of opening up a website in your office or at home. These days you are just as likely to be using apps on your phone, sharing information via Twitter, digesting information on a tablet or watching video at your desktop.

We believe this is just as true of the audiences our clients are trying to reach. We’ve written about this before but it bears repeating: the website remains the primary source of information but a corporate communications model that focuses solely on the website is no longer sustainable.

In short, companies that view digital communications as equating to no more than a nicely designed website will find that some of their audience has moved on and are no longer giving the website their full attention.

As many of our clients are also now starting to embrace this approach, our website managers are just as likely to be managing apps and social media channels for our clients as they are the corporate website.  In the future, this trend is only going to go one way and with increasing speed.

I hope you’re beginning to see why we thought ‘Website Manager’ no longer cuts it. In fact we think it sounds decidedly old hat. Go on, say it: ‘Website Manager’… It already sounds a bit like a ‘cordwainer’ or an ‘ostler’ or a ‘costermonger’, doesn’t it? (Google them on your smartphone or tablet.)

After an extremely rigorous polling process, some heated discussion and a few casualties of the selection process later, we settled on a new title. It’s one that we feel more accurately represents the nature of the services that we now offer to clients, helping them to communicate in a multi-platform, multi-channel world.

So, here’s introducing our new team of Digital Communications Managers…

[Image: Creative Commons License / © Michael Coté ]

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