Mobile web traffic doubles as the iPad overtakes the iPhone

A few months ago, we looked at the mobile-readiness of FTSE100 corporate websites and found that just 20% had taken steps to optimise their website for mobile use. Now, using analytics data drawn from 33 FTSE350 websites over the past two years, we show just why this figure is desperately shy of where it should be.

You don’t have to go too far to find statistics and research telling you that mobile visits to websites are on the rise. Various reports put mobile visits at 8.09% in January last year, and at approximately 15% in March of this year (grouping smartphone and tablet). These figures are for the UK, but it’s a trend being witnessed across the globe.

Crucially though, these are not corporate website figures; these are analytics for websites like Amazon, the BBC, Google and Facebook. They are different types of website used at different times and in different places to the corporate. Our results show important differences to the non-corporate sphere as well as similarities.

Firstly, mobile visits to corporate websites, though lower than general levels, are increasing rapidly. They have more than doubled from 4.3% in April 2011 to 9.7% in the same month this year. Early estimates for May put the levels at above 10%.

Secondly, the use of tablets is significantly higher on corporate websites. Whereas mobile phones dominate access to websites in general (three times as large), on corporate websites this is significantly lower (less than twice the size). April also saw the iPad overtake the iPhone for the first time.

What these results suggest is that mobile access to websites is increasing rapidly, and that the biggest driver of change is coming from the tablet. Mobile phones have not lost their importance; they still account for over 60% of visits, but the phenomenal growth of tablets suggests it’s just a matter of time before it’s a 50-50 split.

The truth, however, is that visits to websites from all of these devices is increasing, even if their share of visits is declining. Mobile web traffic is on the up and in order to cater for these visitors you have to be prepared. It’s not quite as simple as just getting an App or kitting out your website; mobile has to be part of your communications strategy moving forward. Investor Relations Apps for iPhones, iPads and Androids help to give potential investors exactly what they need; mobile specific sites, mobile optimised sites and responsive web design can make your website mobile friendly for everyone. If you haven’t employed one or other of these solutions then chances are potential visitors are switching off, but it’s worth some thought about what you want to provide and to whom so that you make the right choices. With the need to extend the case for investment to as broad an audience as possible, it’s not a decision you can afford to hold off on for too long.

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