IQ Q2: the UK indices move in on the DAX

The latest round of IQ Quarterly Rankings are now out*. The changes we made at the start of the year have caused some big changes again as we’ve tightened up our criteria to reflect changes in digital communications best practice.

Scored this quarter were the ATX, FTSE250, MDAX, RTSI and SMI:

– Atkins top the rankings for companies scored this quarter, whilst the SMI’s UBS, Nestle and Credit Suisse all perform well

– The FTSE100 and 250 have gained on the DAX and MDAX by an average of 3.2%

– The SMI just overtakes the FTSE100 to go third in the overall index rankings

– The RTSI still lags behind, but has begun to claw back ground from the other European markets

For more insight on this quarter’s rankings read our latest Press Release and be sure to check back for our in depth blogs on IQ coming soon. Details of the Q1 Rankings can be found here.

*We score each index once every six months: this quarter Investis scored the FTSE250, MDAX, RTSI, SMI and the ATX. For more information on the IQ benchmarking service, please contact Al Loehnis on, +44(0)207 038 9005 or visit the dedicated IQ section of our website.

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