Big ambitions: Vitec raise the bar for small cap communications

It’s always refreshing to see people pushing themselves to achieve more and it’s even better when you get asked to help. The Vitec Group, chances are, is a company you’ve not yet heard of, but like any other they have to communicate with the variety of audiences that might be interested in their business. What they’ve shown with their latest website, is that you can, no matter what size your company is and how small your budget might be, produce a clean, clear and informative website that communicates a range of messages.

Don’t get me wrong; this site isn’t put together with string and held together with hope. It’s up to scratch, with elements that the websites of far larger companies lack. An inexpensive, but illustrative interactive map, interactive share chart and an Integrated Annual Report, show that this website doesn’t lack for functionality.

But tools and feeds aren’t everything. Investis was tasked with helping Vitec organise their website in a manner that would enhance the transparency of the company’s proposition and market opportunities, whilst also maintaining the customer features that their last website had. The Group consists of separate businesses that make up the three divisions of the company, namely Videocoms, Imaging, and Broadcast and Engineering Services. With a wealth of companies, products and services to discuss, it was crucial to structure the site so that these elements were brought out, rather than hidden away. Consequentially, it is now easier than ever for visitors to find out exactly what Vitec does and what the businesses that make up the Group do.

This is the kind of openness and transparency that investors want to see when they research companies. An Interactive Annual Report is one of the best places to start as it opens up the most important financial information about your company, rather than hiding these figures away. There are lessons to learn here for much bigger companies, especially those that have to balance consumer and corporate comms like Vitec.

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