More bad news for Microsoft as IE use on Corporate Websites falls further

From November to December 2012, use of Internet Explorer (versions 4 through 10) to access corporate websites fell by 3.8%. Drawn from nearly 1 million visits to over 30 corporate websites, this figure should come as worrying news to Microsoft who have also been struggling to embed their new Windows 8 platform into the mainstream.

December, as the month when almost everyone in the UK, Europe and North America, takes a sizeable break from work, always sees a drop off in visits to corporate websites: visits fell by over 23% from November to December 2012. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that IE access to websites has fallen month-on-month because of the company’s dominance in the workplace. What is worrying, however, is that in 2011, the drop was just 2.2%; this year it’s at 3.8%. These numbers might seem small at first, but remember that we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of visits. If the numbers don’t rebound strongly for January, it’s a sure sign that the once dominate Microsoft browsers (which accounted for the majority of visits just 6 months ago) are in big trouble. The fact that the launch of Windows 8 and the Surface have done little to reverse the trend is even more worrying.

Microsoft might be able to take some comfort from the growth of IE10; visits more than doubled from 0.22% to 0.45% in December. But it’s likely to come as slim consolation as use of Safari jumped sharply (up 2.23%), Chrome continued to grow (up 0.26%) and Firefox rebounded (up 0.94%). With our figures for January coming soon, we’ll be following the trials and tribulations of Microsoft with interest.

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