Print Journalism Remains Important for Corporate Sector

Despite a general decline in print readership, 93% of respondents to our latest survey said they read at least one print newspaper regularly*. The research, which focused on the media consumption habits of members of listed companies and financial PRs, reveals that print newspapers remain an important part of how they receive news.



Amongst listed companies, the Times / Sunday Times emerged as the most widely read print newspaper with 44% of respondents saying they read the paper regularly, closely followed by the Financial Times with 43%. The prominence of the Evening Standard amongst members of listed companies is likely due to the London-centric nature of British business. The high position of both the Metro and Evening Standard over “pay per view” print suggests that whilst many still read print journalism, they are not always inclined to pay for it. Speciality financial papers such as the Economist fared poorly in comparison, with close to half the readers of the ubiquitous Metro. Perhaps most surprising are the low numbers for CityAM, a paper that is both free and an important source of business focused news, though its smaller distribution might account for some of this gap.

In general, financial PRs said that they read a number of papers as opposed to settling on one particular publication; the higher proportions attest to this. The Telegraph leads the pack significantly though a great many other papers also attract sizeable proportions of financial PRs. The Metro performed less well amongst financial PRs than for members of listed companies, with respondents more likely to pay for printed news content. Whilst online news dissemination goes from strength to strength, these results are an important reminder that print journalism is still an important part of the way we digest news.

*The data this research was drawn from consists of 100 survey responses from members of listed companies and Financial PRs based in the UK.

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Image Source: Library of Congress, Creative Commons License


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