How the FTSE350 stacks up on Webcasting

We’ve found that 91% of FTSE100 companies and 56% of FTSE250 companies now webcast their results, according to our most recent research on corporate websites. Harnessing the power of video or audio broadcasts allows companies to communicate their message at some of the most important times in their financial year. Webcasting has this become one of the most effective and direct means of communicating with investor audiences.

Of the FTSE100, 58% of companies broadcast their results using video, with a further 33% providing audio webcasts only. The FTSE250 numbers are significantly lower with just 18% providing video and 38% audio only. AGM webcasts are lower still, on both the FTSE100 and 250, with just 14% and 1% of companies respectively utilising the technology. Despite being an important date in every company’s calendar, the lack of webcasted AGMs would suggest a missed opportunity for more effective communication.

Around busy times of year it is easy to see why some companies don’t want the added hassle of organising a video webcast or even going to the trouble of having one at all.

We’ve built our our end-to-end webcasting service to take the burden off of companies at a challenging time of year, allowing them to make the best use of this powerful medium.

The numbers are encouraging but equally show that many companies are not exploiting this technology to communicate more effectively with analysts, investors and journalists, particularly in the FTSE250. In some cases, the lack of investment would appear to be sectoral: 41% of Financial Services companies, 59% of Real Estate companies and 62% of Retail companies on the index do not webcast their results. For the FTSE100, sectoral division appears where companies are only providing audio webcasts: half of companies in the Retail and Real Estate sectors do not do video webcasting.

Investis offers a fully managed service: send us the date and we’ll do the rest.

Our team of producers will visit the event venue in advance of your results to ensure that it’s suitable, assessing the equipment and the all-important connectivity required for live event streaming. We’ll work closely with the venue staff to achieve a common understanding of the event’s requirements. Any resource shortfalls, human or technical, will be identified well in advance – and our specialist audio-visual teams will fill in the gaps.

As the world gets increasingly mobile, it’s necessary to talk to audiences wherever they may be. We’ll deliver your live and on-demand webcast in a custom built, fully branded webcast player (see the player built for QinetiQ). Internal communications systems can sometimes prove problematic, but we ensure that our webcast players meet all the requirements of your systems. Our players work inside and outside the office, streaming to iPads as easily as desktops and laptops.

Planning a results presentation can be stressful. We know just how many things you’ve already got to worry about – which is why our teams deliver an end-to-end service designed to take the pain out of the process.

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