Why Mobile Matters: iOS apps dominate the corporate sphere

Why Mobile Matters: iOS apps dominate the corporate sphere

This is the third blog in a series looking at mobile for corporate and IR communications, coinciding with the release of Why Mobile Matters, the Investis Guide to Mobile. If you haven’t already done so, please feel free to download a PDF or order a print copy.

We’ve looked at how mobile traffic to corporate websites is outpacing the global trend and at some of the data around mobile friendly websites. This week, I want to look at apps.

The guide contains plenty of useful information here. Our research found marked differences in how the corporate audience behaved, when compared to the global norm. For example, the spectacular success of the Samsung Galaxy range has meant that Android is far and away the most popular smartphone operating system. iOS  leads Android in the tablet market but the gap is closing rapidly. Across both tablets and smartphones, Android has a 37% market share and iOS is on 27%

Visits From Mobile Devices to Corporate Websites

Operating systems are important if you are considering building an app – and these stats might lead one to conclude that you’d be better off opting for an Android-based app over an iOS-based one.

However, our analysis of over 1.5 million visits to corporate websites shows that 69% of all mobile visits come from devices built on iOS, while Android lags far behind on just 22%.  In fact, 40% of all mobile visits to corporate websites come from iPads alone.

So do you need an app? And if so, what content should it contain?

I’m not going to give away all the answers here. I’m trying to persuade you to look at our guide, after all! But I will tell you that a third of the FTSE 100 and nearly half of the DAX 30 now has an IR or corporate app. And you can find data in the guide on what the most commonly looked at content on IR and corporate apps is – gleaned from over 100,000 app sessions.

I’ll also touch on how you can choose which mobile solution – dedicated smartphone site, responsive design site, tablet friendly site or app – makes the most sense for your company in next week’s blog.

In the meantime, please do read the guide and let us know what you think.

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