IQ Q2 2013: Mobile website optimization triples in six months

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The Investis IQ ranking of corporate websites for Q2 2013 is now completed – and many companies have seen significant improvements in their scores, primarily thanks to the mobile optimisation of their websites. 23% of the 342 companies scored this quarter now have a mobile optimised website – compared to just 8% six months ago.

We updated our methodology at the beginning of this year to reflect the growing importance of mobile in the digital communications mix: this has inevitably meant that some companies have slipped in the rankings – but others have come on in leaps and bounds. As our Why Mobile Matters guide explains, the rise and rise of mobile devices as a means for accessing the internet shows no signs of slowing, and many companies have been rewarded for reacting to this trend.

The highest climber was EnQuest, who jumped a massive 110 places in the FTSE 250 from #144 to #34, seeing huge gains across the board, but most notably in mobile, where it was the top ranked FTSE 250 company (and the third highest ranked company for mobile globally). EnQuest provides its users with both a responsive version of its corporate website and a separate IR app, ensuring that users are kept informed wherever they are, on and offline.

Staying with the FTSE 250, Derwent London climbed 104 places to #46, partly as a result of significant improvements to its CSR and Social Media offerings, while Dunelm Group climbed 103 places to #75, thanks to similar improvements. Both of these companies also have mobile optimised websites.

The smaller size of the other indices prevents such huge shifts in the rankings. Nevertheless, there were some notable gains in score. Wienerberger now tops the ATX20 having upped its game in both Mobile and Social Media, while MTU debuted in the MDAX top 5 following a huge increase in its CSR and Social Media scores.

Even in the RTSI (which on average scores well below the other indices), there was leapfrogging to be seen. Phosgaro climbed 28 places to 10th, improving in every single category except (interestingly) Mobile, where it scored 0 along with 70% of the RTSI.


This quarter’s highlights:

In Q2 2013 we scored the FTSE 250, MDAX 50, ATX 20, RTSI 50, SMI 20 and, for the first time, the Australian ASX 50.

• Go-Ahead Group now leads the FTSE 250, largely thanks to scoring well in Mobile and recording big gains in Careers and Social Media. This knocked Atkins off the top spot, where they had been since Q4 2011.

• 30% of the FTSE 250 now has a mobile optimised site, a corporate app or both, up from 12% in Q4 2012.

• The comparable percentages in the other indices are: ASX 26%; ATX 35% (up from 25%); MDAX 32% (up from 12%); RTSI 30% (up from 5%); and SMI 55% (up from 40%).

• The SMI 20 remains the top performing index, with an average score of 54.30 – almost 10 points higher than any other index average this quarter.

• At the other end of the scale, the RTSI continues to lag with an average score of just 34.14 despite making some gains in CSR and Media.

• The average CSR score across all the indices rose by 9% – encouraging news after this dropped by nearly 4% this time last year.

• The first-time ranked ASX on average kept pace with the other indices, scoring well for Careers and Corporate Governance, although it was curiously adrift when it came to communicating general About Us information and mobile take-up is also a little slow.


For more insight on this quarter’s rankings read our latest Press Release and be sure to check back soon for more in-depth blogs. Details of the Q1 2013 Rankings can be found here.



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