Audience Insight Q3 2013: Mobile is driving corporate website traffic higher

Our first Audience Insight report shows that the growth of mobile remains the most important recent development in digital corporate communications.

The total number of visits to corporate websites is up by nearly a quarter (24%) over two years ago –growth driven almost exclusively by mobile. The number of visits to corporate websites from desktops remains largely unchanged.

 The report analyses traffic to 60 corporate websites averaging a total of 2 million visits per month – and it shows that the number of visits to corporate websites from mobile devices is up a staggering 400% on August 2011. Mobile visits are now responsible for a fifth of all visits to corporate websites. Yet across 14 indices surveyed this year, only 23% of companies are offering either a dedicated mobile site or a responsive website.

The report also reveals that visits from social media sites have tripled in the past two years – but that they are still not a significant driver of traffic overall. However, perhaps surprisingly, LinkedIn is now responsible for 64% of all social media referrals while Facebook is rapidly losing ground.

Download the report for further detail around these and other findings.

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One Response to “Audience Insight Q3 2013: Mobile is driving corporate website traffic higher”

  1. Bram says:

    Hey Marcus,

    I appreciate your research and the information you are sharing and I think you`ve raised an important question when it comes to traffic.

    The sad thing is many webmasters still don`t realize this fact and fail to put this traffic to good use since their websites aren`t optimized for mobile searches…


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