S&P 100 Corporate Website & Digital Presence Ranking

S&P 100 Q4 2013

Our latest scoring of the corporate websites of the S&P 100 shows that many of the index’s constituents continue to fall behind their European peers, despite making some key improvements. 12 FTSE 100 companies score higher than the top scoring S&P 100 company.

The average S&P 100 score rose by 3% (up to 52%) since the index was last scored at the start of 2013. However, despite this overall gain and real improvements in some categories, the index still scores below its biggest European peers, with scores for IR and About Us content falling an average of 11.5% below the FTSE 100 and DAX 30.

Encouragingly, the index saw a leap of 46% in average mobile scores since Q1. This is particularly encouraging given that our latest research shows that 1 in 5 visits to a corporate site now comes from a mobile device.

Half of the index now offers some level of mobile-optimization on their sites: 44% of companies have a responsive or dedicated mobile site while 25% have a corporate or IR app. However despite this, the S&P 100’s average mobile score is still very low at just 19%, showing that whilst gains have been made, the index remains off the pace as far as mobile is concerned, and there is still plenty of room for improvement.

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Social media scores also saw a vast improvement, climbing by 16%. 77% of companies now have a corporate or IR Twitter account linked to from their corporate site, the highest percentage recorded globally. The S&P 100 leads the way when it comes to social media, recording the highest average score of any index scored this year.

If you’d like to find out more about the ranking of the S&P 100, or are part of the index and would like to know more about your score, the different categories and the key findings of the survey, we’d be happy to talk to you further. Just contact investisusa@investis.com or call us on + 1 646-512-5180. You can also view a full list of the S&P 100 IQ ranking and learn more about the key findings in the S&P 100 IQ Rankings Report.

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