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Connecting the dots between multiple information sources such as website data, surveillance data, and news and stock price data is going to transform the ability of IROs to monitor, measure and predict investor behavior, according to a presentation by Investis Inc. CEO Rupert Spiegelberg at a seminar organized by the NIRI Twin Cities chapter.

“I predict that the next 10 years of innovation in IR will be about connecting the dots between all the individual data sources we are collecting today to help create tools that will not only improve the reporting of past events by telling us the right stories but also help us to predict the future,” Spiegelberg said.

He went on to describe how Investis has already started the journey down this road with its unique Audience Intelligence service that identifies which fund managers, private equity houses and other investors are visiting corporate websites and has now married that information with in-depth shareholder surveillance reports generated by its partner market intelligence provider IPREO.

The new service is already helping listed companies to improve investor targeting and profiling, optimize roadshow planning as well as acting as an early warning system for activist investors and other M&A activity.

To find out more, please get in touch with Rupert or one of our sales representatives in our New York office at +1 646 766 9000. To get a copy of the presentation, please reach out to Ricardo Estrada at


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