London prepares for rush of IPOs

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London will see a number of IPOs in the run-up to Christmas, as companies take advantage of renewed investor activity. Increased confidence in the Chinese economy and political stability in the UK following May’s general election are seen as factors why increasing numbers of companies are seeking to go market.

Companies announcing their intention to float include share registrar Equiniti and retirement housing firm McCarthy & Stone. Investis is working with both companies across a range of solutions to help them present a strong digital presence to investors ahead of their IPOs. In McCarthy & Stone’s case, this has innovatively included a video for investors that introduces the key management figures, outlines their prospect as a company and showcases their retirement homes.

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Investors’ hunger for new flotations was confirmed recently with Worldpay Group’s IPO. Shares in the company were offered at 240p on the first day of trading – the midpoint of the initial range – finishing the day up at 265p.

Successful IPOs are dependent on investors having both the right information and a good level of detail about a company ahead of a floatation. A Rivel Research/Investis poll found that 76% of investors and analysts had their attitude towards a company as an investment proposition influenced by the quality of their website.

Investis worked with Worldpay Group ahead of their IPO to provide and integrate a detailed Investor Relations section into their existing website. More than just the relevant regulatory details, the new Investor Relations section offers a detailed background into Worldpay’s history and products, alongside biographies of management and information on the company structure.

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Even once an IPO is complete, companies must continue to work on providing information both up-to-date and incisive information to their stakeholders. Investis’ UK IPO Report, which benchmarked the performance of the corporate websites of 28 companies that listed in 2014, found that the websites of newly listed companies lagged behind other FTSE-listed companies, notably in terms of their investor relations sections and details of their strategy.

For companies considering floating or improve their investor relations sections, a webcast is available offering advice on the key digital preparations that companies need to make before IPOs.

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