The corporate website is a vital part of your communications: Don’t miss an opportunity to engage with your stakeholders

“The best-run companies have the best websites. It is the pervasive culture of a firm” – Fund manager, Scottish Widows

While the IR industry is not generally known to be the fastest industry in adopting new communication technologies, many people in this sector are now embracing mobile devices as valuable investor relations tools.

Our research* shows that 24% of visitors to IR and corporate sites are on mobile devices yet only 51% of nearly 1,800 public companies that we surveyed in the last 12 months are providing a mobile-friendly solution for their stakeholders, be that through a dedicated mobile site or a fully responsive site. This means many companies are missing a key opportunity to engage with their stakeholders.

Like the 51% of companies that already provide a mobile friendly solution for their stakeholders, BAE saw the value in providing a responsive solution and approached us to help with the redevelopment of their investor website.

BAE Systems is a British multinational defence, security and aerospace company. The idea behind making the investor section of their website responsive was for the investors to be able to access the web on the go. They were updating the whole website and as the current provider of their investor section of the website, we were tasked to follow the design of the rest of the website and to make the Investor section responsive.

This is a great example of a company that is responding to the needs of its stakeholders, by allowing them to easily access the content that they need on the go, on the devices that they are using.

If you’re still not convinced that a responsive website is necessary for your company – then maybe the facts will sway you.

Mobile trends

There is a growing worldwide trend of mobile technology becoming seamlessly intertwined with our daily lives, both private and public. This shift means that companies simply cannot afford to be running a site that doesn’t deliver the same experience across multiple devices.

If you need any reinforcement of the importance of a mobile strategy our latest Audience Insight report shows that overall visits to corporate websites have increased by 5% over the past two years – powered by visits from mobile devices.

BAE blog chartThis development reinforces the argument that companies must provide a mobile solution for their website visitors, especially given that the proportion of visits to corporate websites from mobile devices is still increasing. Our research shows the number of visits to corporate websites from mobile devices has increased by 68% in two years.

Every company has a fantastic story to tell. So you need to tell this story through the technology available to you, across all devices – and through the digital channels that your audiences are using – and are expecting you to be present on.

Make it easier for your audience to engage with your story by communicating through digital. They’ll thank you for it.

*IQ Research Q3 2015

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