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Here's a summary of interesting discoveries that the Investis Consulting team has recently made as we go about our work. Showcasing new projects, innovative content, smart tech and good reads:


floor-plan   Take your seat
Tympanus have developed an innovative way of choosing cinema/theatre/concert seats before you book them. Through their experimental demo, you can select seats on the screen and see exactly how the the stage or screen will look from that angle. No more surprise pillars blocking your view!
contentmarketing   Telling a story with data
We loved this article from the Harvard Business Review that explains how content marketers are more frequently using data and statistics to tell better stories. It provides great insight into what sort of titles, formats and patterns are more likely to grab attention and communicate messages.
02-iPhones-opt   It just doesn't add up
Have you ever noticed how your phone's keypad is just an inverted version of its calculator's? This article from Smashing Magazine examines why keypads have remained relatively unchanged for decades, and what a more ergonomic design might look like.
tesla-on-road   Your car will arrive in 40.7 hours
Tesla recently released an updated version of their controversial autopilot software, including new feature 'Summon'. This first iteration allows the user to summon their car down their driveway with a smartphone, but CEO Elon Musk teased that in the future, they plan for owners to be able to call for their cars from across the other side of the country!

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