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SEC forced to accept social media

  • Posted by Dom on 25 April 2013
SEC logo

At the start of this month, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made an announcement on the use of social media for investor communications. In a nutshell, the SEC has extended what companies can say on social networks. Bloggers and journalists instantly weighed in; portents of the coming revolution were mixed with the sceptical drawl of bored hacks who have.....

Cookie or just plain crackers? Understanding the EU Directive

  • Posted by Malcolm on 29 May 2012
Law of the biscuit

Friday marked the day when last year’s much commented-upon EU Cookie Directive finally came into force in the UK after a period of a year’s grace granted by the Information Commissioners Office (the ICO), the body responsible for enforcing it. Except, actually, it seems it won’t really be enforced. Confused? You’re not the only one. Let’s start from the beginning......

The death of the insider?

  • Posted by George on 5 April 2012
GCHQ: what it means for you

The current controversy about the Government Communications Headquarters’ (GCHQ) proposed new powers to see, in real time, information about which sites you’re visiting and who you’re communicating with via social media, email and telephone is bringing to the surface the public’s current unease with the modern information culture. On the one hand, we have the.....

Betfair Blog Recognised for European Excellence

  • Posted by Marcus on 10 November 2011
European Excellence Awards banner

Betfair’s employee blog, Betfair Views, has just been shortlisted for the European Excellence Awards. The blog presented some unique challenges – and we’re delighted that our solution has been recognised in this way. Companies in the betting and gaming sector face two challenges: promoting responsible gambling, and keeping abreast of regulations in a number of.....

IQ Benchmarking: EADS – Best Corporate Governance in the MDAX Q2 2011

  • Posted by the IQ Team on 19 August 2011
EADS Corporate Governance section

EADS’ corporate website communicates corporate governance far better than any other company in the MDAX, with an IQ score 15% higher than its nearest competitor. At 93%, it’s also 4 points clear of Daimler and Metro Group, the top two performers in this category in the DAX30. It’s clearly a subject that matters to them, with a lengthy, dedicated section that is the.....