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Here's a summary of interesting discoveries that the Investis Consulting team has recently made as we go about our work. Showcasing new projects, innovative content, smart tech and good reads:


nest   Nobody actually wants your product
When you buy a coffee machine, do you want the machine or do you want the coffee? This article from Smashing Magazine explores how designers should be focusing less on complexity and number of features, and more on the end result.
instagramstorytelling   Long-form is long-term
This fantastic article from the Editor of explains that whilst many of us may have thought that the popularity of digital media meant the end of long-form journalism, in actual fact our appetite for in-depth, immersive content has never been stronger.
lloyds   Lloyds are carving a path in Fin Tech
Lloyds Banking Group have launched their own site to provide insight into how they're "transforming the way Britain banks". Sections on transformation, innovation, social impact and people showcase them as leaders in the use of financial technologies.
Moon-Property-Graphic-600   Lovely view, and the local school is only 300,000 km away!
Perhaps it's time to look further afield for your next step on the property ladder. This essay from Aeon investigates the potential of human colonies in space, and the legal issues behind buying land on the Moon. I imagine a 3-bed flat in Clapham is probably still cheaper though (just).

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