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Here's a summary of interesting discoveries that the Investis Consulting team has made recently as we go about our work. Showcasing new projects, innovative content, smart tech and good reads:


values   You're innovative AND excellent? Blimey...
These are two of the most commonly stated 'core values' of companies in the FTSE 100. This piece from Marketing Magazine examines the generic nature of corporate values, and suggests that companies that show a willingness to be different often out-perform those that don't.
postits   Become a Sprint Master with Google
Google have released a downloadable 'Playbook' which companies can use to speed up their design process. The 'Sprint Master' leads their team through 6 stages; Understand, Define, Diverge, Decide, Prototype and Validate, to produce work as efficiently as possible.
app   Should you have an app?
We were really intrigued by this post from tech blogger Benedict Evans last year, which provides great insight into how companies should be thinking about their mobile proposition.
division   Will you survive the collapse of mankind?
To promote the release of their new game 'The Division', Ubisoft have created a website that allows users to see how the release of a weaponised disease would develop in their immediate vicinity. Turns out Tesco Express in Shoreditch isn't the safest place to barricade yourself inside...

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