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It’s been a busy time over at Google Towers of late, what with changes to search ranking for non-mobile optimised sites and details of the new Android N operating system surfacing. So the news of Google Analytics Suite 360 has somewhat got lost in the commotion. But does it warrant more attention?


Framed as an enterprise solution, Analytics Suite 360 acts to combine all of Google’s more advanced data and marketing analytics tools into single platform – a ‘one-stop shop’ of audience data. Alongside Analytics, the suite includes versions of Google’s marketing tracking system Tag Manager, AdWords and Attribution (making sense of user journeys and ROA). Integration with DoubleClick, Google’s ad placement service, is also on the cards.


There’s also a range of new tools (all currently in beta phase). Audience Center integrates with email, CRMs and other Google platforms to give even more information around audiences (including suggestions of where to find new ones apparently). There’s also Optimize - an intriguing A/B tester that hints at being able to deliver a more personalised user experience for your website. Finally, Data Studio is on hand to turn this unfathomably vast amount of data into consumable and customisable interactive reports.


In essence, with Analytics Suite 360 Google is attempting to deliver a kind of end-to-end service; from sourcing the audience to delivering them exactly the right tailored website content that will make them engage with your company. Surely then, this is the new analytics solution that every company needs for their website?


The simple answer is “no”. As a quick test, if you weren’t already aware of any of the products mentioned above (including the ones in development) then you probably don’t need to worry too much about this platform. Only a cursory glance at Google’s current list of 360 success stories – Domino’s, BT, Novartis – demonstrates the level at which Google is pitching this solution. It’s the level that will likely already be paying $150,000 a year for Google Analytics Premium without question, and operating multi-channel, multinational and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns with military precision – companies engaged in aggressive e-commerce and online marketing.


If this describes your company, then this solution could help improve the efficiency of your campaigns and give a better holistic view of your online audience. Otherwise your current solutions are likely sufficient. There’s no indication of the pricing as yet, but as this is thought to be a replacement for Google Analytics Premium, a similar price tag could be expected.


Clearly, Google Analytics 360 Suite will be in a league of its own. Meanwhile, other advanced analytics platforms exist for companies looking for more than basic analytics but without the high price tag.

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