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Here’s a summary of interesting discoveries that the Investis Consulting team has made recently as we go about our work. Showcasing new projects, innovative content, smart tech and good reads:


Noto   Google Noto: a typeface for the world
In the culmination of a five-year project, Google and Monotype have created a free, single typeface family that encompasses some 800 written languages and scripts.
csrvoices   The power of an authentic narrator in CSR storytelling
CSR reports don’t engage a wide audience. People don’t relate to a corporate entity; they relate to people. Stakeholder voices are the most powerful vehicle you can use.
brandmusem   Brand museums: showcasing history and heritage
“Heritage plays well with audiences. There’s a reason why #TBT exists on social media.” As brands seek new ways to tell their stories, some are finding value in creating brand museums to showcase their company history and heritage.
paperplanes   Around the world in paper planes
Created by friends at Google, Active Theory and Droga5, is a fantastic mobile site that allows users to send and capture virtual planes around the globe. Just be careful not to lob your phone out the window!


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